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Oil Tanks
Ecosure Oil Tanks are made in the UK and available here.

Bunded Oil Tanks
Other oil tanks including underground oil tanks.

Oil Tanks

Bunded Oil Tanks



Oil Tanks

Search though our wide range of oil storage tanks, we have single skin oil tanks, bunded oil tanks, waste oil tanks and underground oil tanks for those who are short on space. We also now have a new range of steel oil tanks which are ideal for keeping your oil safe from thieves. These steel oil tanks can be padlocked after use and its steel surrounding keep the fuel inside secure.

Our oil tanks are made from some of the best oil tank manufactures in the UK including Ecosure Environmental Products. All these oil tanks are made in the UK.

We also have a range of oil tank accessories which can aid you in your installation and thoughout its use.

Bunded Oil Tanks

Bunded Oil Tanks

Ideal for domestic heating oil.

About Bunded Oil Tanks

A Bunded Oil Tank is a tank within a tank. The area surrounding the inner tank is called the bund. These types of oil storage tank are ideal for safley store domestic heating oil.

Bunded oil tanks are used nearly everywhere now as they are the safest form of storage. You will need to use a bunded oil tank if you are storing oil within 10 meters a drain, water course or place of natural beauty. Most insurance companies require you to have a bunded oil tank apposed to a single skin tank. Some locations in the UK the environmental agency may also ask you to install a Bunded Oil Tank.

About Waste Oil Tanks

Waste oil tanks are ideal for mechanics that need to dispose of oil from cars and trucks when servicing vehicles.

Waste oil tanks to not come with any outlets pre fitted. Below the 16" hinged lid is a tone dish complete with removable grid which is where the waste oil is deposited.

About Fuel Dispensers

Dispensing fuel is now even easier and safer with our new Ecosure Fuel Dispensers. With fuel/oil pump and delivery hose pre-installed into dispenser all you have to do is plug in the pump and start dispensing from there.

We also have a range of hand pump dispensers which need no power supply meaning you cut down on your electricity bill and also allows easy positioning of the dispenser.

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