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Water Tanks
Water Storage Tanks from 280 litre to 19,000 litres potable and non-potable water tanks

Potable Water Tanks
Store your drinking water safely in a potable water tank.

Water Tanks
UK water tank manufacturer

Water Tanks
UK made water storage tanks. Ideal for home and commercial use.

Water Butts
UK's water butt and rainwater harvesting online shop.

Water Tanks
UK largest water tank selection from 85 litres to 19,000 litres and beyond.

Rainwater Harvesting
Come and see our great range of rainwater harvesting products and much more.

Rainwater Tanks
Rainwater tanks ideal for collecting rainwater.

Water Tank Shop



Water Tanks

Saving water has never been easier than now. With a large range of different shapes, sizes and colours you are sure to find a water storage tank thats right for you. Even if you haven't much space; a slimline 1050 Litre or 500 Litre water tank from Ecosure might work for you.

If your looking to save a little more then a normal water butt, then why have a look at our large ewater storage tanks. These can be either above or below ground holding up a massive 19,000 Litres or more if you connect some water tanks together.

Water Tanks

The storage of water has always been an issue because of the lack of choice and availability of water tanks. At Rapid Plumbing we have many water tanks for you to choose from including above and underground water tanks.

We also have a range of baffled water tanks which are ideal for car valeting and window cleaning. These tanks are made from a natural form of MDPE which allows you to see the water level through the tank.

Our underground water tanks are made using a different plastic called HDPE, this is a much stronger plastic that will withstand the weight of being underground. They are all available with 4" inlets and outlets which work perfectly with standard underground pipework.

Water Tank FAQ's

What are the water tanks made from?
Our water tanks are made from a high quaility industrial plastic called MDPE. This is ideal for storing rainwater.

How do I get my water out of the tanks?
Each water tank has a BSP outlet which you can use to attach a brass tap or a shut-off valve.

If there an outlet for an overflow?
No the tanks are left blank so you can drill your own overflow where you want.

Is there a lid on the water tanks?
Yes on most water tanks there is either an 8", 14" or 16" vented lid which is the only addition that is made to the tanks after being made.

Popular Water Tanks

280 Litre Water Tanks
350 Litre Water Tanks
400 Litre Water Tanks
500 Litre Water Tanks
750 Litre Water Tanks
New Water Tanks


Quality Made Water Tanks - Other Water Saving Products Include -
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