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Frequently Asked Questions

Oil Tank FAQ's

What is a Bunded Oil Tank?
A Bunded Oil Tank is simply a tank within a tank. The area surrounding the inner tank is called the bund. These types of oil storage tank are ideal for safley store oil.

Why do I need a Bunded Oil Tank?
If you are storing oil within 10 metres a drain, water course or place of natural beauty. you will need a Bunded Oil Tank. Most insurance companies require you to have a bunded oil tank apposed to a single skin tank. Pending on your location the environmental agency may also ask you to install a Bunded Oil Tank

How close can I have an oil tank to my house?
Any oil tank has to be a minimum of 1800mm (1.8meters) away from any type of property.

Can just fit a pump and start dispensing from my oil tank?
No. If you need to dispense fuel in to cars, tractors etc, you will need a Fuel Dispenser, where all the fittings (pump, hose) are locked away.

What thickness of a concrete base would i need for a 5000 litre oil tank?
A minmium of 150mm (15cm) would be enough to hold upto 10,000 litre.

What is Qual Oil Pipe?
This plastic oil pipe that you can use to feed from the oil tank to your boiler.

Which is the best value for money oil tanks?
All the Ecosure oil tanks are very competitive on prices and have better delivery service than the other oil tanks.

Can my local plumber install my oil tank?
Yes providing they are Oftec registered

Can I use a bunded oil tank with a hose to dispense fuel?
No you must use a fuel dispenser where all the parts are conceiled in one unit.


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